Case Studies

Data & Analytics: Eye Insurance and Glasses

August 25, 2017

Business Challenge:

Marketing ROI was hampered by an inability to measure lift when offering a retail discount accessed through hundreds of locations under different brands


  • A custom analytic solution created precise audience targeting
  • Prior to production, an online survey  was conducted to understand  prospects’  reactions to the campaign creative and intent to take action.
  • Making an emotional connection- Memories are driven by what we see. As we age, our vision changes. Caring for one’s vision is tantamount to protecting the ability to make memories. That powerful insight was infused into existing brand iconography and bold colors.
  • An integrated online and offline campaign was designed
  • The program asked consumers to respond to a call to action  in measureable channels (phone, BRC, or online) to get a coupon kit, location information, or to schedule an exam online.  


In less than two months, the campaign surpassed performance projections by 40%.

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