Case Studies

Co-Creation: Caregiving

August 28, 2017

Business Challenge:

There are over 37 million caregivers in the U.S. seeking peer-to-peer support. Due to fragmentation in the caregiving industry, caregivers are challenged to find one source they can depend on.



  • Leveraged human-centered design to develop an app enabling caregivers to connect with one another to share experiences and emotional support.
  • Through empathy interviews we learned caregivers yearn to talk with others who understand what they are going through but are reluctant to talk with friends or family members out of fear of being judged.
  • Consumer co-creation continued with low-resolution prototypes developed to test hypothesis, gauge interest and outline initial feature sets.  
  • Medium-resolution prototypes tested with consumers to refine MVP features and functionality followed by high-resolution Beta-testing with our proprietary Research Panel.  
  • Soft-launch in January 2017; promotion in iTunes and Google Play stores beginning late June 2017.



Over 10,000 installs within app’s first 6 weeks of promotion.

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